Tony Chiodo | About Tony
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tony chiodo

Tony Chiodo


Wellness Chef/Author & Empowerment Coach


Im the creator of a unique style of wellness cuisine and a new sensory modality, bodyfood. I explore heartfelt, soulful food through my personalized and individualized programs, retreats and internationally acclaimed cookbooks.


My unique flavour, blends my classical French culinary training, with an Italian heritage and Asian sensitivities.  I blend food with your body to create and uncover your unique signature flavours to move you into a space of beautiful you!  I take your hand as we stir the pot and together develop your new way of embracing food in harmony with your body that will have you feeling and living engaged, alive and joyful!


My aim is to transform your life one mouth full at a time!

Come play with me as we uncover and release beauty from the inside out, allowing a sensual and graceful unfolding.

Care to dance with me into a new – you reality?




If you’re thinking of working with me and wondering how this could possibly unfold in your life and whether we simply “click”? Then book a time via email or call me direct and we can schedule a time and some space for us to clarify your needs, where I can also then discuss my different and various personalized offerings.