Tony Chiodo | food sensuality
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food sensuality

The art of buying food awakens a sensuality, which is likened to flirting.  A moving from store to store eyeing off and buying the most luscious of ingredients which will become part of tonight’s dinner orgy.  The cheeky moving from store to store with a vision, feeling, sense of the type of romance I’d like to have.  This way of buying and shopping can only bring joy, excitement and a little of the unknown.  Be prepared to travel as you get tickled along the way. This is my way of shopping which really awakens the sensual within.  Dinner becomes one big intercourse of ingredients, which are fashioned into small morsels/dishes that simply titillate the palate and give great satisfaction once deep inside.


Food shopping is a dance with an unknown lover.  A weaving of ideas, a moving in and out.  Changing direction, something more exciting over there.  Possibilities endless.  Buy now or have at a later time.

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