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Eating healthily doesn’t mean having to give up on

the finer things in life, according to wellness chef and food empowerment coach Tony Chiodo. This book is aimed

at those who would rather throw themselves into a vat

of molten chocolate than live a tofu and beansprouts life.

Steamed sticky pear, date and ginger couscous cake in a

health food book? Well I never …

The Australian


ln this vibrant collection, Melbourne wellness chef and food empowerment coach Tony Chiodo proves that healthy eating doesn’t have to mean choosing raw foods or downing wheatgrass shots. lnstead, he opts for a holistic approach based on whole and natural principles, allowing fresh

seasonal produce, whole grains, nuts, seafood and soy products

to be the stars of the show. Relish your five-a-day with broad

bean, fenneL and artichoke sauté; warm up with farro and

three-mushroom ragu; or impress the family with creamy

coconut and basiL chicken. Plus, there are luscious desserts

such as hazeltnut and mocha budino, or a rich chocolate tart

made with silken tofu.

Delicious Magazine



Chiodo and his whole foods cooking school, Grainaissance, is one of those breaking waves that signal an overwhelmingly powerful tide. But Chiodo is no zealot, and his food has such flavour and lush mouth feel, such overwhelming freshness, that you tend to forget the stuff is actually good for you.

Chiodo’s transition from one-time chef at such restaurants as Mietta’s and Stephanie’s, converted through the agency of a stomach ulcer to the macrobiotic regimen of fresh grains and seasonal, local produce, precisely reflects a wider phenomenon: that move from disciplined denial to healthy enjoyment, spurred in part by the increasing stresses of the 21st century society, that has brought the holistic food movement out of its new-age, hippie antecedents into the mainstream…indeed, into the peak of fashion.

The Age

Tony Chiodo began his cheffing life at gastro-temple Mietta’s before heading overseas for what turned out to be a journey of discovery. Travelling from Italy to Japan and India, Chiodo dabbled in alternative health – an interest which came to fruition back in Australia with Wild Rice Wholefoods Cafe and Cafe Angelica in Kew. Since then Chiodo has qualified as a macrobiotic and wholefoods teacher, and has become a regular contributor for The Age and some of Australia’s most prestigious food magazines.

Australian Gourmet Magazine

Chiodo’s cookbook, Eating Well, will convert even lard-loving cynics of healthy eating with its beautifully photographed and easy to follow recipes. Dishes such as the seafood paella or the sour apple and cranberry cobbler are an excellent way to kick off those harsh new year’s resolutions without compromising at all on taste.

Vogue Entertaining and Travel

Tony Chiodo has brought together his skills as a top- class chef, wholefoods teacher and regular contributor to The Age Epicure section to create this wholesome, holistic and hunger-busting range of recipes – from polenta porridge for breakfast to seafood paella for dinner and pear chocolate crumble for dessert. If you think healthy eating means saying farewell to flavour, you’re not eating well.

The Australian